How to Craft an Anvil in Minecraft

Anvils are awesome blocks in Minecraft that have a lot of uses! You can add enchantments to items, repair tools and armor, give your tools names, and so much more! But before you can use an anvil, you have to know how to craft one.

Screenshot of an anvil in Minecraft.

Materials Needed to Craft an Anvil

  • 3 iron blocks
  • 4 iron ingots

Anvils are made completely out of iron, but iron blocks are a bit different than iron ingots. To craft an iron block, you need to put nine iron ingots into a crafting table, as shown below.

Iron block crafting table.

So, it technically takes 39 iron ingots to craft an anvil!

Anvil Crafting Recipe

To craft an anvil, put your materials into a crafting table in the arrangement shown below!

Anvil crafting recipe.

After that, you’ll have your anvil! Simply right click on the anvil to use it! 

Remember that anvils are quite heavy, and when dropped on a mob or other player, it will kill them. Anvils also become damaged after lots of use, so they will not last forever!