How to Find a Jungle Temple in Minecraft

Jungles in Minecraft are not the most popular with the player base. Most players prefer to build their bases in the Plains or the Desert since Jungles are full of trees and other foliage. But, if you began playing Minecraft in the early 2010s, you’ll know these are home to an exciting structure: the Jungle Pyramid (or Temple). Here’s how to find a Jungle Temple in Minecraft and how to loot it efficiently.

Where to Find a Jungle Temple in Minecraft

Finding a Jungle Pyramid

Finding a Jungle Temple might just be more challenging than looting it. For starters, you’ll have to locate a regular or bamboo Jungle biome, as they don’t naturally generate in sparse jungles. 

Then comes the boring part. You’ll have to explore the entire biome, which is increasingly difficult once you take into account how dense the trees are. Alas, while it’s not my preferred way, using flint and steel to start a fire will be the fastest way to find a Jungle Pyramid, but it’ll also mean that all the trees will burn down.

Blocks and Mobs Unique to the Jungle Temple in Minecraft

Once you find a Jungle Pyramid in Minecraft, you’ll notice that it’s full of mossy blocks and the regular unfriendly mobs in the form of zombies, spiders, skeletons, and creepers. In turn, Jungle Temples don’t really have unique mobs or blocks, apart from a few exceptions:

  • Sticky Pistons: Jungle Pyramids were the only place where sticky pistons would naturally generate before Ancient Cities were added to Minecraft.
  • Tripwire Hooks: Tripwire Hooks will only spawn in Jungle Temples. The other way you can obtain them is either through crafting or looting a Pillager Outpost.
  • Wild Armor Trim Smithing Template: This smithing template can be used to create armor trims and is unique to Jungle Temples.

How to Loot the Jungle Temple in Minecraft

The Temple’s Chest

If you’ve played Minecraft for a long time, you’ll already know that looting a Jungle Temple can be really easy or really challenging, depending on your approach. 

Let’s start with the hard way. For one, you’ll have to make your way to the lower floor of the pyramid. Once you’re there, you’ll notice that there are some levers and an eerie feeling all around.

The Temple’s Tripwire Traps

If you run down the hall, chances are that you’ll activate a tripwire, which is connected to a dispenser full of arrows. If you want to disable these without breaking them, you’ll have to use a pair of shears on the string attached between the hooks.

The Temple’s Puzzle

As for the levers, these are part of a puzzle. You’ll need to flip the one that’s furthest away from the staircase first, then the one closest to it. Finally, use these so that they return to their original position (the closest one first), and you’ll open up the hidden room.

Alternatively, in both cases, simply rush in, break the tripwire hooks, and then break the blocks behind the levers to reveal the room. Simple enough, right?


That’s how you can find a Jungle Pyramid in Minecraft. I still remember how scared I was when I looted one of these almost a decade ago. Do you think that Jungle Temples need an overhaul? Let us know over on the Minecraft Forum!