How to Fix World Corruption in Minecraft on Playstation

One of the more heartbreaking errors in Minecraft is a World Corruption Error. It means your world is no longer playable and you would have to start over again unless you can fix it. This article will fix the error by helping you get back an older version of your world that is saved somewhere!

What Causes World Corruption

The causes for World Corruption in any version of Minecraft are often nebulous, but one of the main causes is a disturbance while the world is being saved. This can be due to loss of power, momentary network glitch or anything else that causes temporary disruption, even if it doesn’t cause issues with other gameplay!

The fix for World Corruption in Minecraft on Playstation

If more common fixes for World Corruption, like restarting Minecraft or switching your World to a different slot do not help, we have this guaranteed solution for the issue.

  • Head to the “Settings” screen on your Playstation, as shown below.
Settings option on the Playstation 4
  • Scroll down until you see the option “Application Saved Data Management”, as shown below, and select it.
Application Saved Data Management on the Playstation 4
  • You then have the option to select “Saved Data in Online Storage” if you have Playstation Plus.
  • Now you have the option “Download to System Storage”.
  • Look for “Minecraft” and select.
  • You should now be on a screen with all your saves. Here you can select the name of your Minecraft World that was corrupted.
  • Simply download it and restore it and you will be able to play again!


Hopefully this solution helped you fix your World Corruption and let you get back to playing Minecraft. If not then you might want to take to the Minecraft Forum to find some more information.