How to Make a Dropper in Minecraft

Any veteran Minecraft player will remember the launch of the Redstone Update back in 2013. Apart from bringing forth an entirely new generation of Minecraft engineers, it was this update that introduced the Dropper. Let’s find out how to make a Dropper in Minecraft!

What Is a Dropper in Minecraft

Using a Dropper in the snow

The Dropper was one of the first redstone-related items to be added to Minecraft, along with the hopper. As the name suggests, the Dropper is used to drop items on the block in front of it.

Apart from that, a Dropper cannot emit a redstone signal, but it can be activated by one. You also can’t use it by right-clicking on it; you’ll instead have to use a button or a redstone circuit to make it drop an item.

That being said, how easy is it to make a Dropper in Minecraft?

How to Craft a Dropper in Minecraft

Dropper Crafting Recipe

Crafting a Dropper in Minecraft is pretty simple. You can simply follow the recipe shown above, which requires the following items:

  • 7 Cobblestone
  • 1 Redstone Dust

Being a fairly old item means that all the materials needed can be quickly obtained. While you might have some difficulty finding redstone at the very beginning of the game, you’ll surely find one ore during your search for diamonds.

Now that you know how to craft a Dropper let’s see how to use it!

How to Use a Dropper in Minecraft

Droppers are pretty primitive compared to other redstone-related blocks. Still, when accompanied by hoppers, you can still make some automation pipes with them, which should help you transport your items.

Also, droppers can hold up many more items, compared to hoppers, with each one having 9 open storage slots. So, by making a clock circuit using redstone, you could transfer items much faster than you would with a hopper.

That said, Dispensers are considered a big upgrade to the Droppers, as they can empty/fill every bucket/bottle when activated, among other functions. Funnily enough, Dispensers were added before Droppers but are consistently improved with every update.


And that’s how easy it is to make a Dropper in Minecraft. While they’re not used as much nowadays, these blocks are a true throwback to old-school redstone builds. Have you made any redstone circuits using droppers lately? Let us know over on the Minecraft Forum!