How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

When tame, horses can be a very valuable asset in Minecraft. Riding a horse can significantly increase your speed, and add cover when you’re being attacked.

Finding a Horse

Horses are definitely not one of the rarest entities in Minecraft, but they can be a bit tricky to find if you aren’t sure where to look. Horses are typically found in the plains biome, which is a pretty common biome to stumble across! You will usually see horses in groups, so you can take your pick at which one you want to be yours.

Group of horses in a plains biome.

Taming the Horse

To tame a horse, you will need at least one empty slot in your hotbar. This is because one free hand is needed to get the horse to trust you. 

Walk up to a horse, and right click them with your empty hand. You will most likely be bucked off, but that is normal. Keep right clicking the horse, even after it bucks you off. After a few tries, you will see red hearts pop up around the horse. This means the horse trusts you!

Red hearts surrounding a newly tamed horse.

Riding your Horse

When a horse trusts you, they will let you on their back without bucking you off. But, that does not mean you can control their movements. To be able to fully ride your horse, you will need a saddle. 

Saddles are one of the few items in Minecraft that cannot be crafted, so you will have to find one. Here’s where you might find one:

  • Chests in an underground dungeon.
  • Chests in a nether fortress.
  • Catching a saddle while fishing. 

Right clicking on your horse while shifting will open your horse’s inventory. There will be two slots to put things on your horse. The first slot is for a saddle, the second slot is for horse armor. Put your saddle in the first slot.

A saddle going into the correct slot.

Exit the menu, and you will see the saddle on your horse! Right click to mount your horse, and you will be able to control all of its movements!

A player riding a horse in Minecraft.