How to Breed Axolotls in Minecraft

From lush caves to goats, the Caves & Cliffs update brought many changes and additions to the Minecraft world. But none were as cute as the Axolotl. No wonder everyone wants to know how to breed axolotls in Minecraft.

What Are Axolotls and Where to Find Them

Finding an axolotl in a Lush Cave

Axolotls are a mob that was added to Minecraft in the 1.17 update. They were the only amphibian animals in the game before frogs were added in the 1.19 update. 

An axolotl will attack all mobs in the water, apart from dolphins, turtles, frogs, and, of course, other axolotls. So, they’ll be a great companion when you’re looting ocean ruins since they’ll fight off any drowned trying to sneak attack you.

But, these little things are somewhat hard to find. You’ll only find them in lush caves, and they’ll only spawn in total darkness while there’s a clay block within 5 blocks below their spawn.

Thankfully, you can capture an axolotl in a bucket by holding a water bucket and right-clicking on the mob. You’ll then be able to bring your new companion to your house, where you can breed it.

What Do You Need to Breed Axolotls in Minecraft

A pair of axolotls breeding

To breed axolotls in Minecraft, you’ll need 2 buckets of tropical fish. While the easiest way to get one of these is by capturing the fish inside the bucket, there’s a chance that a wandering traveler will offer you one for 5 emeralds.

Once you’ve secured 2 of these, all you have to do is feed one to each axolotl and let them breed. It’s as simple as breeding any other mobs! And you’ll be the proud owner of a cute baby axolotl in no time.

One thing to note is the color of the new addition to the axolotl family. Most baby ones will get one of their parents’ colors, but there’s a 1/1200 chance that the axolotl is blue. This is a very rare variant that doesn’t spawn in Minecraft, so take extra care of it.


Now that you know how to breed axolotls in Minecraft, will you be lucky enough to get the extremely rare blue axolotl? If that happens, post it over on the Minecraft Forum.