How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft

The addition of bees in Minecraft enabled you to gather honey and honeycomb. Honeycomb in Minecraft can be used in several ways, so let’s see how to collect and what to do with it.

Where Can You Find Honeycomb in Minecraft

Harvesting honeycomb from a bee nest

In Survival Mode, you can initially obtain honeycomb through a bee nest, so you’ll need to find one first. The easiest way to do this is by going to the Meadow biome, where you should locate a nest on a tree within a few seconds of roaming.

How Can You Harvest Honeycomb From a Bee Nest

Harvesting honeycomb without angering the bees

Once you’ve found a bee nest, you’ll have to wait until it fills up with honeycomb. For reference, the two holes on it will need to be full of honey to allow you to harvest the honeycomb. If the nest has no honey and houses 3 bees, you’ll need to wait at least 10 minutes for it to fill up.

When the nest starts dripping with honey, you can harvest it with a pair of shears. But, to prevent the bees from getting aggressive when you get the honeycomb, you should place a campfire under the nest.

So, you should now have 3 honeycombs in your inventory!

What Can You Do With Honeycomb in Minecraft

You can do several things with honeycomb in Minecraft, from making your own beehive to crafting waxed copper.

Honeycomb Block

Crafting a honeycomb block

Crafting a honeycomb block is easy, and it only requires 4 honeycombs. While it has no functional purposes, you could use it as support for your honey blocks or as a decorative piece for your farm.


Crafting a candle

A great way to use honeycomb in Minecraft is to craft a candle. You’ll only require 1 honeycomb and 1 string, and you can later dye it using any dye in the game. While torches are better for lighting, candles can be placed on cakes, and they can be stacked (up to 4) to become almost as bright as torches.

Waxed Copper

Crafting a copper block

As with the honeycomb block, the waxed copper has no practical use; it just looks nice. All you’ll need is a copper block (check the recipe above) and 1 honeycomb on any crafting slot. Keep in mind that you’ll need to smelt copper ore to get the 9 copper ingots required for the block.


Crafting a beehive

Beehives act as player-made nests. As you can see above, you’ll need 6 wooden planks and 3 honeycombs to make one. Each beehive can house 3 bees, which collect pollen from nearby flowers and convert it to honey and honeycomb. 

Harvesting honeycomb from a beehive in Minecraft is identical to doing so from a nest. So, you’ll need to put a campfire close to the hive to prevent the bees from attacking you.


Now that you know how to get honeycomb in Minecraft, what will you craft with it? I’d love to see your fields of beehives or candle-lit mansions on the Minecraft Forum.