How to Breed Striders in Minecraft

When you’re walking around the Nether, you’re constantly at risk of falling into lava. And, if you’ve not equipped your armor with fire resistance, chances are that you’ll lose all your items. I had to learn that the hard way. But what if you had a boat to soar through the lava? That’s where Striders come into play. Here’s how to breed Striders in Minecraft.

What Are Striders and Where to Find Them

Riding a Strider in the Nether

If you’re not an avid explorer of the Nether, you might not have seen these roaming around. Striders are a passive mob added to Minecraft in the 1.16 Update. While they’re not rare to find, I’ve had times when I couldn’t spot one after taking hundreds of steps next to lava.

Striders in Minecraft have one primary purpose. You can use them to walk on lava, whether you’re in the Nether or the Overworld. You’ll usually find these in the large red seas of Nether biomes.

These passive mobs (a rarity in the Nether!) hate water. In fact, if they touch a body of water, rain, or snow, they get damaged. On top of this, if they’re not walking on lava, they’ll get cold and start walking slowly.

When they spawn, they might have a baby Strider or a Piglin riding them. Speaking of that, to ride a Strider, you’ll need a saddle and a Warped Fungus on a Stick, which you can craft with a fishing rod and a warped fungus. You can find the latter in a Warped Forest, hence why I’d suggest you also look for Striders in the same biome.

This item is also essential when you want to breed them.

What Do You Need to Breed Striders in Minecraft

Breeding Striders in Minecraft

You’ll need two warped fungi to breed Striders in Minecraft, as you can see in the screenshot above. This process is similar to breeding other mobs, like horses, and the baby Strider grows into an adult after 20 minutes. 

That being said, breeding Striders isn’t that useful. Sure, they’re extremely helpful when traversing through lava. But they rarely get damaged or attacked, and even if you kill them, they only drop up to 5 pieces of string and a few XP orbs. Nevertheless, this is the only use for warped fungi, so if you have many stacks of them, why not make your own Strider farm?


As you can see, breeding Striders in Minecraft is very straightforward. And, if you’re early on in your new world, they are an awesome way to quickly travel through it, helping you find a Nether Fortress even faster. Do you have your very own Strider farm? Let us know over in the Minecraft Forum!