How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft

Minecraft is all about exploring the vast Overworld. But what if you just want to become a farmer? Well, then, you’ll need to build an area for your animals to live in and even a barn for them. So, making fences is one thing. You’ll also need to access each farm, which requires a fence gate. Here’s how to make a fence gate in Minecraft!

What Is a Fence Gate in Minecraft

Fence gates are one of the oldest items in Minecraft, going way back to the Beta version of the game back in 2010. They act as a combination of a fence and a door since mobs can’t jump over them, but you can go through them when they’re open.

If you don’t want to make a fence gate, you can usually find them in villages and woodland mansions. Their variations will be different, depending on the biome the villages are in, but they’ll always be dark oak ones in woodland mansions.

That being said, crafting one is easier since they don’t require too many materials.

How to Craft a Fence Gate in Minecraft

Fence Gate Recipe

To craft a fence gate in Minecraft, you’ll need to grab yourself some wood. I’d suggest you use the same plank type for the gates as you did for the fences of your farm. As you can see in the recipe above, a fence gate only requires the following materials:

  • 4 Sticks
  • 2 Wooden Planks

In total, this comes out to 4 Wooden Planks (as 2 of these can make 4 sticks), just 1 log, or stripped log.

What Can You Do With a Fence Gate in Minecraft

So, crafting a fence gate in Minecraft is simple. Unexpectedly, fence gates have quite a few uses in Minecraft. Obviously, they can be used as a gate for your farm or any other similar structure. For what it’s worth, you can also use a fence gate as fuel for your Blast Furnace or Smoker.

But these also emit a redstone signal and produce a sound when under a note block. I’ll admit that I’m not the best at creating redstone circuits, though there are certainly some creative builds to be made with just one fence gate. 

For example, I believe that you could make an automatic farm that gets harvested when you open a fence gate. Add a composter to that and a few redstone blocks, like an observer, and you’re settled.


This is how simple it is to make a fence gate in Minecraft. These are a staple of every Minecraft farm I’ve ever seen, so knowing how to craft them is essential. What’s the biggest farm you’ve ever made? Be sure to share this with us over on the Minecraft Forum!