How to Get Stripped Logs in Minecraft

Whether you’re joining your first or your millionth Minecraft world, you’ll always try to grab some logs first. You’ll most likely use your initial couple of logs to make some planks and then craft a quick axe and pickaxe. Well, you can use the former to strip the bark of the wood. Here’s a short guide on how to get stripped logs in Minecraft!

What Are Stripped Logs in Minecraft

Every type of Stripped Logs

Stripped logs act exactly like regular logs. Instead of functioning differently, stripped logs just look different, featuring a naked look since their bark is stripped away. Additionally, despite there being many log types in Minecraft, each one can be stripped and gathered in its naked form, as you can see above.

That being said, how easy is it to get stripped logs in Minecraft?

How Can You Get Stripped Logs in Minecraft

Getting Stripped Logs

Thankfully, getting stripped logs in Minecraft is really straightforward. You’ll first need to make an axe and find a tree. Now, instead of left-clicking on the logs, which will break them, simply right-click (or press the Use button) on the log. If you’ve done everything correctly, the log in front of you will have a different texture. All you need to do now is break it and pick it up!

Now that you’ve obtained some stripped logs, it’s time to find out what you can do with them.

What Can You Make With Stripped Logs in Minecraft

Stripped logs can be part of any crafting recipe that requires regular logs. Whether you want to make a smoker, any type of campfire, or simply use it as fuel, stripped logs will get the work done. However, they’re primarily used as decorative blocks.

In fact, as you can see in the crafting recipe below, you can use 4 stripped logs to make 3 stripped wood. Unlike logs, these are usually better for building, as they look the same from every side.

Stripped Wood Crafting Recipe


That’s how easy it is to get stripped logs in Minecraft. While several blocks have been added over the years in the game, stripped logs and wood are still some of the most beautiful and unique decorative blocks you can add to your bases. What’s your favorite stripped log type? Be sure to let us know over on the Minecraft Forum!