How to Make Mud Bricks in Minecraft

With the 1.19 Minecraft Update came many additions to the game, from the Warden to the Allay and even a Recovery Compass. However, one not-so-exciting (unless you’re Shrek) entry to Minecraft was the new swamp biome. This came with a whole new set of building blocks, like the mud bricks. Let’s look at how to make mud bricks in Minecraft!

What Are Mud Bricks in Minecraft

As the name suggests, mud bricks are a dirtier counterpart to clay bricks. All jokes aside, mud bricks look like a somewhat cleaner and upgraded version of concrete blocks. The only bad thing about them is that they don’t generate naturally, meaning you’ll need a set of items to craft them.

But how can you make mud bricks in Minecraft?

What Do You Need to Make Mud Bricks in Minecraft

Mud Bricks Crafting Recipe

To craft mud bricks, you’ll need to obtain some packed mud. As is shown in the recipe above, you’ll only need:

  • 4 Packed Mud

That said, making packed mud can be a bit of a hassle at first.

How to Make Packed Mud in Minecraft

Packed Mud Crafting Recipe

The crafting recipe for packed mud only requires 1 block of Mud and 1 piece of Wheat. While you can get the latter by farming or looting villages, getting mud is a bit harder. You’ll either have to find a Mangrove Swamp or use a water bottle on any piece of dirt, as you can see below.

Turning dirt into Mud

Once you’ve obtained 4 blocks of Packed Mud, you’ll be able to make an equal number of mud bricks. 

But what can you make with mud bricks in Minecraft?

What Can You Make With Mud Bricks in Minecraft

Even though mud bricks can be used as decoration blocks by themselves, they can also be used to craft slabs, walls, and stairs. 

Mud Brick Slabs

Mud Brick Slabs Crafting Recipe

To craft mud brick slabs, you’ll require 3 Mud Bricks, as shown in the crafting recipe above. These can be used just like any other slab. If you have access to a stonecutter, you can, instead, turn 1 Mud Brick into 2 Mud Brick Slabs.

Mud Brick Walls

Mud Brick Walls Crafting Recipe

Mud Brick walls require a total of 6 Mud Bricks to be crafted, as you can see above. They are a great alternative to fences, as they can’t catch on fire. You can also make mud brick walls using a stonecutter at a 1:1 ratio (1 brick for 1 wall).

Mud Bricks Stairs

Mud Brick Stairs Crafting Recipe

If you want to make a set of stairs from mud bricks, you’ll need 6 Mud Bricks in total. You can view the mud brick stairs crafting recipe above. Like the walls, you can use a stonecutter to get 1 stair block for each mud brick.


And that’s how simple it is to make mud bricks in Minecraft. While they’re not the most beautiful block in the game, they can be used to create an entire mud village! What buildings will you make using only mud bricks? Let us know over on the Minecraft Forum!