How to Craft a Stonecutter in Minecraft

Stonecutters are a very useful tool in Minecraft, especially for those who love to build while saving resources and time. Stonecutters are used to shape stone blocks into different blocks made of the same material. For example, if you put a piece of cobblestone into a stone cutter, you can make that block of cobblestone into either a slab, stairs, or a wall. The possibilities are endless! 

Stonecutters also help you save resources. Normal cobblestone stairs would take six blocks to craft, and you’d only get four stairs in return. With a stonecutter, you only need one cobblestone block to get one block of cobblestone stairs in return!

A Stonecutter in Minecraft

Stonecutter Crafting Recipe

Crafting a Stonecutter

Put your items into a crafting table, and you’ll be able to craft a stonecutter! 

The three stone blocks in this crafting recipe have to be smoothstone- not cobblestone. To turn cobblestone into smoothstone, simply put your cobblestone into a furnace and smelt it down, or mine stone with a silk-touch enchanted pickaxe. 

Using a Stonecutter

When using a stonecutter, all you have to do is put the block you want to cut into the stonecutter, then select which block you’d like it to be cut into on the other side! Here’s what a stonecutter looks like if you put stone into it:

Creating stairs from Stone in the Stonecutter

There are many different blocks that are able to go into a stonecutter! It’s not just cobblestone. Here’s a list of everything that can be used in your stonecutter:

  • Andesite
  • Bricks
  • Cobblestone
  • Cut sandstone
  • Cut red sandstone
  • Dark prismarine 
  • Diorite 
  • End stone
  • End stone bricks
  • Granite
  • Mossy cobblestone
  • Mossy stone bricks
  • Nether bricks
  • Prismarine
  • Prismarine bricks
  • Purpur block
  • Polished andesite 
  • Polished diorite 
  • Polished granite
  • Red nether bricks
  • Red sandstone
  • Sandstone
  • Smooth quartz
  • Smooth sandstone
  • Smooth stone
  • Stone
  • Stone bricks

A stonecutter is an amazing addition to any Minecraft world!