How to Craft a Lead in Minecraft

Leads are a very useful tool in Minecraft, and can make breeding animals, taming horses, and controlling pets much easier. 

There are many ways to get a lead in Minecraft, and the first way would be to craft one.

Crafting Recipe

How to Get Each Item


  • When killing spiders, they often will drop string. Spiders spawn at night in any Minecraft biome. They do not burn during the day, so you can find them at any time on your Minecraft world.
  • String can be found in mob spawner chests, which are found while mining.


  • Slimeballs are dropped when you kill the slime mob. Slimes can be found underground, below the 40th layer. You can see which layer you are at by pressing f3, finding the XYZ tab, then looking at the Y number. Slimes can also be found in swamp biomes. 
  • Baby pandas have a small chance of dropping a slimeball when they sneeze.
  • Wandering traders can be found selling slimeballs for four emeralds. 
  • Putting one slime block into a crafting table will give you nine slimeballs.

Finding a Lead

There are other ways to obtain a lead, other than crafting. Leads can be found in the chests of a Woodland Mansion. Woodland Mansions are found in the Dark Forest and Dark Forest Hills biomes. 

Using a Lead

Leads can either be held in your character’s hand, which will take the animal on the lead anywhere you walk, or the lead can be tied to a fence poll, which will keep the animal in place. 

Holding your lead.

Tying down your lead.

Breaking Your Lead

There are a few different ways that your lead can break while using it. Here are the ways a lead can break, so you know what to look out for!

  • If you are already holding a lead attached to a mob, right clicking on the lead again will make it break.
  • If the knot on the lead is hit by a block, the lead can break.
  • Leads will break when hit by arrows. 

If your lead breaks, it’s not gone forever! You can go back to where it broke and pick it up from the ground.