How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

Foxes made their first appearance in Minecraft during the first beta build of 1.13.0. You can find foxes in the three different Taiga biomes: Normal, snowy, and giant tree taigas. White foxes spawn in the snowy taiga biome, and red foxes spawn in the normal and giant tree taiga biomes; keep this in mind if you’re going after a certain color!

What They Look Like

Red Fox.
Taiga biome, where to find the red fox.
The white fox.
Snowy taiga, where to find the white fox.

How to Tame Your Fox

Minecraft foxes are a bit unlike dogs and cats, you cannot make them sit, but while tamed, foxes will not run away from you as they do when they are wild. 

To tame a fox in Minecraft, you need to breed two different wild foxes. The baby that spawns from them will be tame towards you! The parents will remain wild.

Here are the steps on how to tame a fox:

  1. First, you’ll need to find two foxes. Foxes spawn in taiga biomes, and they usually spawn in groups of two to four, so it should be easy to find two of them!
  2. Next, you will need two or more sweet berries. These berries can be collected from sweet berry bushes, which spawn in all taiga biomes. Simply left click the bush to harvest them! 
  3. Use the berries you’ve harvested and left click on both foxes to feed them a berry, this will make them mate.
  4. The baby fox will trust you, but the two parents still will not trust you. The baby fox will be tempted to follow its parents, so have a lead on hand to guide it away from them.
  5. Keep the baby fox on the lead until it grows into an adult, as an adult it will follow you without a lead! 
Berry bushes in a snowy taiga biome.

Foxes in the Wild

When walking around taiga biomes, you may stumble across a fox sleeping under a tree, as shown in the picture below. This fox has a feather in its mouth. When foxes in Minecraft kill other mobs, they will commonly carry around the items the mob drops in their mouth! 

Some foxes may also spawn with random things in their mouth. 

Fox sleeping under a tree.

Foxes are very loyal pets who will attack any mob that hurts your player. They are a great resource to have on your next survival world!