How to Find the Warden in Minecraft

The release of the 1.19 update came with many additions to the game, including the scariest mob so far: the Warden. While finding the Warden in Minecraft is no easy task, we’ll help you out!

What Is the Warden in Minecraft

The Warden appears in a Deep Dark cave

Firstly, let’s see what the Warden is and why it became infamous within the first days of the 1.19 release. 

This new mob is Mojang’s way of making the depths of the Overworld a horror game. And, yes, the Warden is scarier than all of the Nether combined.

This mob has a whopping 250 hearts, more than any other mob in Minecraft Java Edition. It’s also larger than an Iron Golem and deals an incredible amount of damage per melee hit, depending on the difficulty:

  • Easy: 16 health points
  • Medium: 30 health points
  • Hard: 45 health points

At the same time, the Warden can use the Sonic Boom, a ranged attack with a range of 20 blocks vertically and 15 blocks horizontally:

  • Easy: 6 health points
  • Normal: 10 health points
  • Hard: 15 health points

All this comes with a caveat; the Warden is blind. So, if you stand in front of it for a short period, it will casually walk by you. But, stay at the same place too long, and it’ll sniff you out.

Knowing that it’s the strongest mob in the game, I think it’s funny that everyone wants to find the Warden in Minecraft.

The Warden uses Sonic Boom

Where Is the Warden in Minecraft

The Warden can only be found in the Deep Dark, located below Y=0. Unlike most mobs, the Warden doesn’t roam around. To summon this beast, you’ll need to trigger a Sculk Shrieker four times.

This is where things get weird. In the Deep Dark, every vibration or sound will trigger sculk sensors, which then send a signal to the shriekers. So, if you’re not sneaking around or placing down stacks of torches, you’ll hear the distinct shrieks.

Once you trigger the fourth sculk shrieker, the Warden will emerge near it. That’s the point when you start sneaking for your life because it gets a signal every time you walk or run.

How to Escape the Warden in Minecraft

Escaping the Warden isn’t too hard; after all, it’s blind. That said, don’t try to outrun it, as it runs faster than the player. But, you can use some tricks to escape the Warden in Minecraft.

  • Use snowballs and arrows. When you throw a snowball or shoot an arrow away from you, the Warden will move towards where they land, giving you some precious time to escape. 
  • Drink a Potion of Swiftness, and use the Swift Sneak enchantment. If you’ve found the enchanted book for Swift Sneak, you should be able to escape the Warden easily. Add to that a Potion of Swiftness, and you’ll be able to outrun it.
  • Kill it. After all, the best defense is a good offense. But, keep in mind that the Warden will only drop 3 experience orbs. And the next one will spawn once you trigger one Sculk Shrieker.


Now that you know where to find the Warden in Minecraft, do you dare to fight it? If so, I’d love to read the outcome of your epic battle on the Minecraft Forum.