How to Find the Allay in Minecraft

Considered by many as one of the cutest mobs in the game, the Allay is your personal flying helper. Here’s a quick guide on how to find an Allay in Minecraft.

What Is the Allay in Minecraft

An Allay picking up a block of TNT

The Allay was added in the Wild Update along with several mobs, like the Warden and frogs. It’s one of the most unique mobs in Minecraft, as it can be used to gather specific materials. Apart from helping the player, the Allay loves dancing to music. If you feed it an Amethyst shard, it’ll also duplicate itself!

However, the cute blue ghost won’t be that helpful to everyone. You see, the Allay will search for the item you’ve equipped it with (by right-clicking on it). 

But it can only pick that item up if it’s on the ground. It’ll also pick up enough items until it reaches one stack, which it’ll then bring to you, spewing each one out one by one.

An Allay spewing out a stack of wood planks

This makes it extremely handy only for mob farms and redstone mining machines, which you can automate with note blocks or jukeboxes. Making either of these requires a lot of redstone and in-game knowledge, though, deeming the Allay useless for beginners.

Still, having a few Allays dancing around your base is worth trying to find them.

Where Is the Allay in Minecraft

Finding two Allays inside a wooden cage

Unlike most other mobs, the Allay spawns at specific structures rather than biomes: the Woodland Mansion and the Pillager Outpost.  To find either of the structures, you must wander off deep into the woods until you find random blocks of mossy cobblestone. 

This indicates that one of the two buildings is close to your location. So, reach the high ground and traverse the forest with your Elytra until you spot a Mansion or an Outpost. 

Finding an Allay in a Woodland Mansion can be difficult since the structure needs to come with a prison, which is rare.

But, I had better luck finding the blue helpers inside cages next to Pillager Outposts. That said, you’ll have to fend off several Illagers before you can get the Allays to safety, so be prepared for that!


Now that you know how to find the Allay in Minecraft, will you risk losing your diamonds and experience points for one? If so, I’d love to see your player armored up with enchanted weapons on the Minecraft Forum!