How to find the Elytra in Minecraft

Flying in Minecraft was only achievable in Creative mode. That was until a pair of wings showed up in the depths of the End. Let’s check out how to find the Elytra in Minecraft.

What Is the Elytra in Minecraft

The Elytra is a pair of wings that allows you to glide in Minecraft. Even though you can’t fly like a bird with it, you can utilize fireworks and high altitudes to glide through thousands of blocks. 

Despite being an overpowered item for traversing the Minecraft lands, the Elytra comes with a caveat. You can’t wear it with a chestplate, making you vulnerable against most mobs.

Like most Minecraft items, Elytras can get damaged. Thankfully, you can repair one with the help of an anvil and phantom membranes.

Where Is the Elytra in Minecraft

Finding the Elytra inside an End Ship

The Elytra can only be found in End ships located within End cities. While finding the pair of wings is pretty straightforward, the road to an End ship is long and risky.

Before you reach the coveted treasure room inside the ship, you must reach the End and travel hundreds of blocks to locate a city.

How to Find the End Portal in Minecraft

The End Portal inside a stronghold

Unlike the Nether, the End can’t be reached with a player-made portal. You’ll need to find a stronghold in the Overworld, locate the End portal inside, and use it to travel to the End.

This voyage requires several Eyes of Ender, which will lead you toward the closest stronghold. Once you’re over the structure, the eye used will fly downward. Now, it’s time to dig down!

A well-known tip is to dig under the 4, ~, 4 chunk coordinates; you’ll get straight to the stronghold’s entrance. The tricky part is to explore the structure until you find the End room. All that’s left to do is activate the portal by filling up all the frames with Eyes of Ender and jump in.

How to Find an End City in Minecraft

An End Gateway

So, now you’re at the End. You’ll need to first defeat the Ender Dragon. Simple, right? I hope that you put on your best gear. Once you’re done with the boss fight, you’ll be prompted to jump into the Exit portal to return to the Overworld.

Instead of doing that, locate the End gateway near the central island. You’ll have to build up to it and throw an Ender Pearl inside to reach the outer islands, where you can find End cities and ships.

Locating an End City and an End Ship

This is where the boring part comes in. You’ll need to travel throughout the outer islands to find an End ship. Once you find one, get ready to fight tens of shulkers which can be overwhelming. But, when you locate the treasure room inside the structure, the Elytra will be waiting for you on a frame guarded by a shulker.

All you have to do is pick it up and fly away! Oh, you’ll also have to find another End gateway to get back to the main island and then jump through the Exit portal to reach the Overworld.


That’s how “simple” it is to find the Elytra in Minecraft. If you need tips on beating the Ender Dragon or fighting off shulkers, don’t be afraid to ask for help on the Minecraft Forum.