How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft

Fireworks don’t only look cool, but they can also help you get around faster and fight off mobs that are creeping up on you. Plus, crafting them is very easy. So, let’s see how to make fireworks in Minecraft.

What Materials Do You Need to Make Fireworks in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can make two versions of fireworks: exploding and non-exploding ones (shouldn’t the latter be considered flares?).

Non-Exploding Fireworks

Crafting non-exploding fireworks

To make a non-exploding firework in Minecraft, you’ll need the following:

  • 1 Paper
  • 1 Gunpowder

You don’t have to place the items in any order; just add 1 of each on any crafting table slot, and you’ll get 3 Firework Rockets. You can also add up to 3 Gunpowder to make the fireworks go higher. But, these don’t have many purposes besides helping you stay airborne when using an Elytra.

Exploding Fireworks

Crafting exploding fireworks

On the other hand, exploding fireworks can help you fend off mobs and allow you to create a huge firework display. Here’s what you’ll need to make an exploding firework:

  • 1 Paper
  • 1 Gunpowder
  • 1 Firework Star

To make a Firework Star, you’ll need to add 1 Gunpowder and one (or more) of the following materials to the crafting table:

  • Dye (any color, up to 8)
  • Diamond (adds a trail effect)
  • Glowstone Dust (adds twinkle effect)
  • Feather (adds a burst effect)
  • Golden Nugget (makes the explosion star-shaped)
  • Fire Charge (makes the explosion bigger)
  • Head (any type, the explosion becomes creeper-shaped)

You can add different Firework Stars and up to 3 Gunpowder for more effects when the fireworks explode.

Crafting a fireworks rocket that lasts longer

What Can You Do With Fireworks in Minecraft?

There are 3 things you can do with fireworks in Minecraft: make a firework display, stay airborne with the Elytra, and fight off mobs.

Make a Fireworks Display

If you’re good at using Redstone (unlike me), you can make excellent fireworks displays with tens of dispensers launching hundreds of fireworks a minute. Or, you could equip a stack and light it up when you beat the Wither or survive your first village raid.

Boosting Elytra

Using fireworks to stay airborne with Elytra

Using stacks of fireworks with an Elytra will allow you to cover a lot of ground in no time. Remember to not use exploding ones since they’ll damage your player when they explode. You’ll also need more materials for them, so using non-exploding ones is a win-win situation.

Fighting Mobs 

Shooting a rocket with a crossbow

Why not turn your crossbow into an actual rocket launcher? You’ll need to equip a stack of exploding fireworks in your off-hand, and you’ll use them instead of arrows when firing your crossbow. You can also add the Multishot enchantment, letting you fire 3 rockets simultaneously.

Keep in mind that in the Bedrock version of Minecraft, the rockets go through mobs; this isn’t the case with the Java version. The maximum amount you’ll be able to do with one firework is 19 hearts if you fire it from close range, and the rocket is equipped with 7 Firework Stars.


Now that you know how to make fireworks in Minecraft, I’d love to see your best fireworks displays, which you can post on the Minecraft Forum.