How to Breed Frogs in Minecraft

The 1.19 update brought several additions to Minecraft, like the Warden and Ancient cities. But, a mob that we didn’t expect to be brought to our beautiful square world is the frog. So, let’s find out how to breed frogs in Minecraft.

What Are Frogs and Where to Find Them

Two Frogs in a Swamp

Frogs, alongside axolotls, are the only amphibian animals in Minecraft. And while our croaking friends aren’t as valuable for battles as axolotls, there are several reasons why you should learn how to breed frogs.

Frogs attack small slimes and magma cubes by pulling them with their tongues. When a frog eats a slimeball, it’ll drop a slimeball. But, when it eats a magma cube, it creates a froglight, the brightest block in Minecraft.

Compared to axolotls, frogs are much easier to find. They’ll spawn naturally in regular and mangrove swamps, which is also where the 1.19 update panorama is located. 

What Do You Need to Breed Frogs in Minecraft

Frogs Breeding

So, you’ve found your ideal pair of frogs, and it’s time to breed them. Like all Minecraft animals, you’ll need to feed the two frogs. But unlike other mobs, frogs are fed with slimeballs, which the player can’t eat or use in any consumable recipe.

Once you’ve bred them, the pregnant frog will lay a frogspawn on a water block. You’ll have to wait 10 minutes (half a day in Minecraft) until the eggs have hatched, spawning 2-5 tadpoles.

A Frogspawn Ready to Hatch

The most exciting thing about tadpoles is that they can be placed inside a bucket by right-clicking on them while holding a water bucket. You can then release the tadpole on any water body in every biome.

Now comes the unique thing about frogs in Minecraft. Depending on the biome’s temperature, the tadpole will become a frog with a different color:

  • In cold environments, like a Snowy Taiga, it’ll grow into a green frog.
  • In warm environments, like a Desert, it turns into a grey frog.
  • In temperate environments, like a Meadow, it grows into an orange frog.


Now that you know how to breed frogs in Minecraft, will you build an army of beautiful orange frogs? Or maybe a green frog house? In any case, I’d love to see all your frog-related creations on the Minecraft Forum.