How to Find the Wither in Minecraft

Many Minecraft players are disappointed with how overpowered the Warden is. Plus, it won’t drop anything special if you manage to kill it. So, how about we look back at the first Overworld boss, the Wither? Let’s see how to find the Wither in Minecraft.

Where Is the Wither in Minecraft

Spawning the Wither in Minecraft

The Wither can only be spawned in Minecraft, compared to other boss mobs, which can be found in structures. 

To spawn the Wither, you’ll need to take a trip to the Nether, find a Nether fortress, and slay dozens of Wither skeletons until you obtain 3 Wither Skeleton Skull. These have a 2.5% chance of dropping when you kill a Wither skeleton.

Once you have the required skulls, you’ll need 4 soul sand or soul soil blocks. Now you’ve got everything to spawn the Wither in the Overworld or the Nether.

All you need to do is place the 4 blocks into a T shape and add the 3 skulls on top of them. Remember that the last block you place must be a skull for the Wither to spawn. Otherwise, you’ll get a similar result to the picture above.

What Is the Wither in Minecraft

The Wither in a Reinforced Deepslate room

The Wither was the second boss added to Minecraft, alongside the Ender Dragon. To this day, it’s considered the most destructive and one of the scariest hostile mobs in Minecraft.

Before the Warden’s introduction in 1.19, the Wither had the largest health bar in the game, with a whopping 150 hearts across all difficulties in Java Edition. In Bedrock Edition, the Wither features a 300-heart health bar in Hard difficulty, which is still the most for any mob in Minecraft.

But, in addition to a lot of health, the Wither can also deal huge damage. It’ll create an explosion after 11 seconds of spawning it, killing you instantly if you’re close to it. On top of that, it’ll attack you with wither skulls that deal 4 and 6 hearts of damage on Normal and Hard, respectively.

You’ll also get the Wither effect, which will deal 1-heart damage every second. To remove this effect at any point, drink a bucket of milk.

How to Beat the Wither in Minecraft

Fighting the Wither

The Wither battle has two phases. Once you spawn the boss, create some distance to avoid getting hurt from the spawn explosion. Then comes the first phase, when you’ll need to use a bow or crossbow to hit the Wither.

When it reaches half its health, the mob creates a shield that protects it from being hit by projectiles. So, you’ll need to be up close and personal to deal the final blows. 

Once you’ve beaten the Wither, it’ll drop a Nether Star, which is required to craft a beacon that gives you several perks, such as Speed or Strength boosts.

Pro Tip 1: Spawn the Wither as far away from mobs as possible. It’ll target every mob that isn’t undead, wreaking havoc across your area. The best trick is to spawn the Wither in a small underground mining tunnel.

The Wither wreaking havoc

Pro Tip 2: Equip your best armor and make sure that your sword has the Smite enchantment, which deals more damage to undead mobs like the Wither. Also, stock up on Golden Apples and Health potions to ensure that you stay alive during your fight.


So, that’s how you can find and beat the Wither in Minecraft. If you’re looking for more pro tips on how to beat the Wither, or you’ve got one that you’d like to share, check out the Minecraft Forum.