How to Get Honey in Minecraft

If you built your first base next to a bee nest, you’d be surprised when it’s flowing with honey within a day. But is there a way to harvest it without getting swarmed by bees? Here’s how to get honey in Minecraft quickly.

Where Can You Find Honey in Minecraft

An empty beehive and one full of honey

You’ll need to search for a bee nest to find honey in Minecraft. These can be found on trees and are more likely to spawn in a Meadows biome. Once you locate one, you’ll have to wait for the bees to get to work and start making that sweet honey.

Alongside harvesting honey, you can also get honeycomb from a bee nest with the help of shears. This can then be used to craft a beehive, which you can place anywhere. You can also pick up a bee nest (and a beehive) by breaking them with a tool that has the Silk Touch enchantment.

How Can You Harvest Honey

Getting honey in Minecraft is as easy as harvesting honeycomb. You’ll first need to craft a bottle that requires 3 blocks of glass (to obtain these, you must smelt sand). 

Before you get the honey from the nest, I suggest you place a campfire under/near it, so the bees don’t attack you. From then on, it’s easy pickings!

Simply equip an empty bottle and right-click on the nest or hive full of honey. If you’ve placed the campfire close enough, you’ll end up with a honey bottle, and no bee will attack you.

What Can You Do With Honey in Minecraft

Honey is one of the few items in Minecraft that can stack up to only 16. So, here’s what you can do with all these honey bottles.

Consume It

While drinking a bottle of honey isn’t the smartest thing in real life, it’s a great way to fill up your hunger bar in Minecraft. In fact, one bottle will restore 3 hunger points and clear the poison effect. 

Honey Block

Honey Block Recipe

Honey blocks don’t only look nice, but they let you slide on them. This allows you to fall slowly, thus not taking any damage. Also, if you fall onto a honey block, the fall damage you take is reduced by 80%, similarly to haybales.

And they’re straightforward to make since all you need is 4 honey bottles. If you don’t like the block and want to turn it back to honey, add it to the crafting table with 4 bottles.

Turning a honey block into honey bottles

Craft Sugar

Even though it’s better to get sugar from sugar canes, you can still turn 1 honey bottle into 3 sugars. But, unless you have many beehives, opting for a sugar cane farm is better for crafting sugar.


So, now that you know how to get honey in Minecraft, will you make a house out of honey blocks? Or maybe a colossal beehive farm? Either way, I’d love to see your creations on the Minecraft Forum.