How to Find Treasure in Minecraft

Treasure chests in Minecraft hold a lot of loot which is otherwise difficult to find. Whether it’s the iron ingots, diamonds, or the Heart of the Sea, all of it can help you at any point in the game. Here’s a quick guide on how to find treasure in Minecraft.

Where Can You Find Buried Treasure Maps

Finding a Shipwreck in Minecraft

Unfortunately, you can’t craft a treasure map. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can dig around the shores until you find a random treasure chest. But the easiest way to find treasure in Minecraft is by obtaining a buried treasure map. 

These maps can be found in two structures: Ocean Ruins and Shipwrecks. Since Ocean Ruins are usually infested with Drowned, you should navigate the Minecraft Seven Seas and find Shipwrecks.

If you find one that’s intact, you’ll always be rewarded with a buried treasure map from one of the chests. You can also find a Shipwreck ditched in the sand, but it often lacks a chest with a treasure map.

If you can’t find a Shipwreck, you can always use a Shipwreck seed, which will spawn you next to one. Plus, you’ll have your very own village to pillage.

How Can You Find the Buried Treasure in Minecraft

Finding a Treasure Chest in Minecraft

So, now that you’ve got a buried treasure map, you’ll need to find the actual treasure. In most cases, the treasure chest will be located on a shore nearby. But if you’re in the middle of the ocean, things get a bit tricky.

You’ll have to keep the map at hand and navigate the white dot (which is you) to the red X (the buried treasure). As you get closer to the chest, the player dot will get bigger, and the map will start revealing itself.

Once you’ve reached the beach where the treasure is located, you’ll have to stand over the X and dig down until you find the chest.

Here’s where I’ll make your life easier. Treasure chests only spawn at the 9,~,9 chunk coordinates. Once you’re on that block, you’ll usually have to dig twice, and you’ll be right on top of the chest.


That’s how easy it is to find treasure in Minecraft. Every treasure chest will have a Heart of the Sea item, which you can use to make a conduit, the beacon of the sea. I’d love to see your best conduit designs on the Minecraft Forum!