How to Loot the Ancient City in Minecraft

Scavenging through the darkest depths of the Overworld has become especially difficult after the Ancient Cities were added. But is the Warden’s playground hard to loot? Here’s a quick guide on how to loot an Ancient City in Minecraft.

How to Find an Ancient City in Minecraft

Finding an Ancient City

For starters, you’ll need to find an Ancient City to loot. This can be daunting since these dark structures only spawn in the Deep Dark biome and at the Y=-51 level.

In the countless hours I spent on the 1.19 update, I discovered that the Deep Dark almost always has an Ancient City inside it. Still, if you don’t encounter the sculk-filled biome close to your base, you can always use an Ancient City seed, which will spawn you over one.

What Should You Carry When Looting the Ancient City

Before you storm the Ancient City with your best equipment, think again! You shouldn’t risk losing all your netherite weapons and armor to the Warden’s hands. Instead, you should bring along the following:

  • Spyglass. Unless you’ve got OptiFine installed, a spyglass will allow you to look deep into the Ancient City for chests.
  • Night Vision Potions. These will help you out when you get the darkness effect from a Shrieker or the Warden.
  • A Silk Touch Hoe. Unlike other blocks, all Sculk blocks are mined faster with a hoe. So, bringing along one with the Silk Touch enchantment will allow you to obtain any Sculk block you want.
  • Food. You’ll be looting an Ancient City for quite some time due to the sheer length of the structure, so bringing lots of food is a given!

Tips for Looting the Ancient City in Minecraft

So, now you’re ready to grab all the loot the Ancient City has to give. But instead of just rushing inside, here are a few essential tips to follow so that you can get out alive.

Use Wool

Running on Wool inside an Ancient City

When you’re walking on wool or you place an item next to wool, you won’t trigger the Sculk Shriekers and Sensors. You can also use carpets instead of wool.

Break Shriekers

Sculk Shriekers are the only block that can summon the Warden. So, as long as you strategically break them, you’ll be able to loot the Ancient City without dealing with its protector.

Pro Tip: Once you break every Shrieker, you can turn the Ancient City into your base since the Warden won’t be able to emerge, and no other mob spawns inside it.

Sneak Around

Looting an Ancient City chest

Well, the slow way to stay alive in an Ancient City is by always sneaking. By combining sneaking around, running on wool blocks, and breaking Shriekers, you should be able to loot every chest in the City with ease.

Escape the Warden

But there are times when the pesky Shriekers are so well-hidden that you end up making noise next to them. Well, it’s time to escape the Warden. Sneak around, gain as much distance away from him as possible, and you’ll be free to loot the Ancient City after a couple of minutes.


Looting the Ancient City in Minecraft for the first time can be frightening. But, knowing the tips mentioned above, you should be in and out of there in no time. If you need more tips on how to loot the Ancient City in Minecraft, be sure to let us know over at the Minecraft Forum!