What is the Deep Dark in Minecraft

The Wild Update brought many additions to Minecraft. But none are scarier than the Deep Dark. Well, maybe the Wither is more terrifying than the Warden. Still, the depths of the Overworld have become frightening once again. So, let’s see what’s the Deep Dark in Minecraft.

What is the Deep Dark

The Deep Dark is a biome that was added in the 1.19 update. Its sculk-filled caves are enough to scare both new and experienced Minecraft players, not to mention the Ancient Cities that hide within it.

How to Find the Deep Dark

Finding the Deep Dark in Minecraft can be a difficult task. You’ll need to explore the depths of the Overworld, with Deep Dark biomes spawning below Y=0. Once you spot the first sculk blocks, you’ll be close to it.

If you’re having difficulty finding a Deep Dark biome in Minecraft, you can use one of the several Ancient City seeds, which will spawn you close to or right above the biome.

Blocks Unique to the Deep Dark

With the Deep Dark came several new blocks and a new mob: the Warden. All Deep Dark blocks can be mined faster if you use a hoe, so don’t bother bringing your enchanted Netherite pickaxe to your adventure.


Sculk merging a Dripstone Cave and the Deep Dark

Sculk blocks have a sole purpose. They’re there to give you experience orbs. Each block will drop 1 orb when you destroy it, and you can easily make an XP farm from these.

Sculk Sensor

A Sculk Sensor inside an Ancient City

Sculk Sensors are there to ruin the fun of exploring. Whenever you move or do any action near one, it’ll send a vibration signal to nearby sensors and shriekers. These include eating, breaking blocks, opening chests, and walking/running.

Sculk Shrieker

A Sculk Shrieker next to a Sensor

Sculk Shriekers will cry out to the Warden when you move near them. If you activate a shrieker 3 times within a short time, the Warden will emerge, and you’ll get a Darkness effect.

Sculk Catalyst

A Sculk Catalyst surrounded by Sculk

Sculk Catalysts are the most useful blocks in the Deep Dark. When a mob is killed nearby, the catalyst generates Sculk blocks, which you can mine for XP. You can obtain one by mining it with a Silk Touch enchanted tool, looting it from chests, or killing the Warden.

Ancient City

The most exciting part of the Deep Dark in Minecraft is the Ancient City. This is where you’ll find all the blocks mentioned above and the Warden. The city features several pathways covered in carpets, and chests full of exclusive loot, like the Swift Sneak enchanted book.

Looting the Ancient City can be difficult at first, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it. Also, if you manage to destroy all the Sculk Shriekers in one, the Warden won’t be able to spawn there, so you can use it as your new underground base.


And that’s all the Deep Dark has to offer so far. Now that you know what the Deep Dark in Minecraft is, will you build your underground base in one? Or will you manage to claim the Warden’s palace as your own? In either case, post some screenshots of your builds and achievements on the Minecraft Forum.