How to make a Firework Star in Minecraft

If you wish to make a fireworks display in Minecraft, you’ll need to make a set of fancy-colored exploding fireworks in different shapes. To do this, let’s see how to make a firework star in Minecraft. 

What Materials Do You Need to Make a Firework Star in Minecraft?

To make a firework star in Minecraft, you’ll only need the following:

  • 1 Gunpowder
  • 1 (up to 8) Dye
  • Additional Ingredients (Optional)

A firework star can have several dyes that will add respective fading colors to it. When making exploding fireworks, you can use several stars that will explode simultaneously, thus lighting up the sky with many shapes and colors.

Every Firework Star Recipe in Minecraft

As shown below, adding different ingredients to a firework star recipe can give it a unique shape.

Small Ball

The simplest firework star will only create a small, ball-shaped explosion. To jazz this up, you can add more dyes or one of the effects I mention below (by adding 1 glowstone dust, 1 diamond, or both). 

Large Ball

Large Ball Firework Star Recipe

Adding a fire charge to your firework star recipe will result in a large ball explosion. This also comes with a loud sound, and these fireworks look amazing when you add more colors to them.


Creeper-Shaped Firework Star Recipe

The creeper-shaped firework star is my favorite. Thankfully, any mob head will work, so you can grab a skeleton one while looting an Ancient City. Or, you could use a Wither skeleton head if you don’t mind spending a whole evening slaying hundreds of them to get one.


Star-Shaped Firework Star Recipe

Making a star-shaped firework star only requires a golden nugget. Since you can get nine nuggets from one golden ingot, these are pretty easy to make. And they look beautiful when you add the Twinkle effect to them.


Burst Firework Star Recipe

This fountain-looking burst firework star needs one feather to make. While it’s nothing special compared to the others, you can still fill the sky with colors if you use a whole stack of them.

Twinkle Effect

Twinkle Effect Firework Star Recipe

Going into effects, the most commonly used one is the Twinkle effect, which you can get by adding 1 glowstone dust (found in the Nether) to the firework star recipe. This doesn’t only add a visual effect but also a crackling sound effect.

Trail Effect

Trail Effect Firework Star Recipe

While the Trail effect gives a waterfall-like look to your fireworks, it will cost you 1 diamond for each star. And unless you’ve made an automatic mining machine, wasting your dazzling diamonds on firework stars isn’t the best idea.


So, that’s how simple it is to make a firework star in Minecraft. Do you have any exciting ideas for a massive fireworks display? I’d love to see them on the Minecraft Forum!