What Is the Lush Cave In Minecraft?

Even though the depths of the Overworld are filled with the Deep Dark, and Ancient Cities, a biome that still stands out is the Lush Cave. They were added in the 1.18 update and brought many changes to the in-game cave exploration. So, let’s check out what the Lush Cave in Minecraft is.

What is the Lush Cave

A Lush Cave is a vibrant biome that can be found in the Overworld, characterized by its vines and glow berries. The Lush Cave is also home to passive mobs, like axolotls, glow squids and tropical fish.

Unlike other cave biomes, the Lush Cave can be huge and is full of glow berries that raise the light level, thus not allowing aggressive mobs to spawn. 

How to Find the Lush Cave

Finding an Azalea Tree in the Overworld

Finding a Lush Cave in Minecraft is straightforward, but it might take some time. While wandering around the Overworld biomes, you’ll need to spot an Azalea Tree. This is similar to the oak tree, even though its leaves are lighter in color and covered in flowers.

Once you spot one, all you have to do is dig down until you find the cave. But since Lush Caves can expand hundreds of blocks, you should avoid mining straight down since you might fall to your death. 

Within a few minutes of mining, you’ll be able to spot some of the unique blocks of Lush Caves, which will lead you straight to it. But if that’s too much of a hassle, you can use a specific seed (711665382642744035) to find one at spawn.

Blocks Unique to the Lush Cave

Glow Berries

Glow Berries hanging from a vine

Glow berries aren’t only a great food source, but they also emit a lot of light. In fact, their light level is the same as a torch! One glow berry will restore one hunger bar, and you’ll also find them when looting an ancient city. You can additionally use them for breeding foxes.


Three dripleaves

One of the coolest blocks added to Minecraft is dripleaves, and they naturally spawn in Lush Caves. Once you stand on them, the plant will start tilting down, making it one of the few items that react to player or mob movement.

Azalea Bushes

Azalea bushes in a Lush Cave

Azalea bushes don’t have much practical purpose; they just look cool! They act like other flowers in the game and can be placed in pots or used as fuel for a furnace. Also, if you add them near a planted oak or birch tree sapling, there’s a 5% chance that the tree will have a bee nest.


An axolotl inside a Lush Cave

While the axolotl isn’t a block, it’s worth mentioning since it’s the sole mob that only spawns in Lush Caves. Plus, breeding axolotls will be easy since you often find tropical fish near them.


Now that you know what to expect when you visit a Lush Cave in Minecraft, will you make a base inside one? I’d love to see your new underground home in the Minecraft Forum.