How to Tame Cats in Minecraft

While axolotls are the cutest pets in Minecraft, having a feline companion is always nice. Who else will give you all the snuggles when you sleep in the game? Here’s a quick guide on how to tame cats in Minecraft.

Where Can You Find Cats in Minecraft

Cats in Minecraft can only be found in villages and swamp huts. For cats to spawn inside a village, there must be at least five beds claimed by villagers. That said, these cute warriors will protect the villagers from creepers since those green fellas are scared of them.

Every swamp hut comes with a single black cat. And, while you’ll need to kill the witch to tame its cat, you’ll end up with your own bad luck charm. 

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

A tamed kitten in Minecraft

Every cat in Minecraft is initially a stray cat. This means they’ll run away when you approach them, and they hunt rabbits and chickens. That would explain why you can’t find either of those in villages.

You’ll need to stock up on raw cod or salmon to tame a cat in Minecraft. Unlike horses, cats must be fed to become tamed, similar to foxes and wolves. So, you’ll have to chase one and constantly feed it until you see it surrounded by hearts, indicating that it’s tamed.

Once you’ve tamed a cat, you can command it to either sit or follow you. If your cat follows you and falls back, it’ll teleport straight to you. But, the best feature of tamed cats is that they sleep with you at night and might bring you gifts, like raw chicken, or even rabbits’ feet, or hide.

How to Breed Cats in Minecraft

Two cats breeding in Minecraft

One cat is never enough, so you should breed your tamed feline. You’ll need two pieces of raw cod or salmon, one for each cat. This will make them enter love mode, so you’ll have your very own kitten within seconds.


So, that’s how easy it is to tame cats in Minecraft. The question now is: how many cats will you tame? I can’t wait to see your horde of house cats on the Minecraft Forum!