How to Find an End City in Minecraft

The End in Minecraft was originally… the end. Once the Ender Dragon was slain, there was no reason to go back there unless you had an Enderman farm. But, ever since the ability to respawn the Dragon and End Cities were added to the game, the End has been my favorite dimension. So, today, let’s see how to find an End City in Minecraft, as well as how to loot it.

Where to Find an End City in Minecraft

Going to the Large Islands

End Cities are found in the large islands of the End. These are about 1000 blocks away from the main island, but you can use the End gateway (by chucking an Ender Pearl to it) to get there fast.

Once you find yourself on one of the large End islands, you’ll need to travel for a pretty long time until you locate an End City. The trick is to have a map on you so that you know which ones you’ve traversed, as well as stacks of Ender Pearls, to make the journey as short as possible.

Blocks and Mobs Unique to the End City in Minecraft

Ender Dragon Head Spawn

End Cities, being one of the only structures in the End, have several blocks and mobs unique to them.

  • Shulkers: Shulkers are the only mobs that fight you on sight in the End. They throw a projectile that inflicts Levitation on the player.
  • Purpur Block/End Stone Bricks: Both are decorative blocks found in the rooms of an End City.
  • End Rods: An alternative to torches, end rods only spawn in End Cities.
  • Spire Armor Trim Smithing Template: This is one of the Armor Trim smithing templates that are exclusive to End Cities.

Also, while they’re not technically part of the End City, End Ships are hosts to a set of unique blocks:

  • Dragon Head: An Ender Dragon head will always spawn in the front part of the End Ship, and it’s the only way to obtain one.
  • Elytra: Elytras are the best way to travel in Minecraft, and they only generate inside the treasure room of an End Ship.

How to Loot the End City in Minecraft

Looting an End City requires some time and expertise. So, you’ll need to gather your best armor and sword, as well as a bow, a boat, a bucket of water, and a couple of stacks of logs.

Once you locate an End City, you must be prepared to fight the Shulkers. Since their projectiles make you levitate, you can use that to your advantage if you’re inside a structure, as it’s the easiest way to get on the top.

But, if you want to fight these, you’ll have to attack them when they’re out of their shells. To make this easier, use a boat, as it negates the Levitation effect, and attack them with your bow.

How to Loot the End Ship in Minecraft

Looting an End Ship is a bit more complicated. For one, you’ll have to ensure you have a bucket of water, as you’ll most likely end up levitating several blocks upward. Once you get yourself inside, though, you have to fend off the last Shulker, and the Elytra is yours.

Finding an End City with an End Ship

Plus, don’t forget to grab the Dragon Head from the front of the ship. And remember to get some fireworks so that you can get back to the Overworld in seconds by using your new Elytra.


That’s how you can find an End City in Minecraft. Besides the Elytra, these can have some fantastic Enchanted gear and armor, so it’s definitely worth the hassle. How many times have you looted End Cities? Let us know over on the Minecraft Forum!