How to Fix GLFW error 65542 in Minecraft

A known issue for Minecraft, Java Edition is GLFW Error 65542. If you’re having this issue, this error message will pop after you try to start your Minecraft launcher: 

GLFW error

The GLFW Error 65542 is simple – it simply means you need to update your drivers so they can support OpenGL. Below, we will explain what OpenGL is and exactly how to fix your issue! 


First, we will explain what OpenGL is. OpenGL, short for Open Graphics Library, is a cross-language, cross-platform application programming interface for rendering 2D and 3D graphics. OpenGL is usually used to interact with a graphics processing unit. 

In Minecraft itself, OpenGL is responsible for reducing the rendering load on the system, which attempts to make the game run faster and smoother on your computer. Basically, OpenGL tells Minecraft not to render any graphics which are not in the player’s field of direct view. 

How to Update your Drivers:

Outdated video card drivers are known to cause many problems in Minecraft. To fix this problem, you will first need to determine what type of video card you have. Use the guide below depending on your operating system:


  • Press “windows” key and “R” simultaneously.
  • Type “dxdiag” in the run window and press enter.
  • In the dxdiag window, go to the display tab.
  • Look for the manufacturer name.


  • Open your terminal.
  • Type in “lspci -v | less”
  • Look for the line that says “VGA Compatible” or “Video Controller”
  • Look for the manufacturer and model name. 


  • Almost all Apple computers come with built-in drivers and a graphics card. These cannot be changed. Make sure your system is up-to-date and your drivers should update as well.

Once you find out the manufacturer’s name, you can go to their website and to detect or locate which drivers you need. You can find the websites below:




Hopefully these solutions helped you fix the GLFW error 65542 and let you get back to playing Minecraft. If not then you might want to take to the Minecraft Forum to find some more information.