How to Get a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

If you’ve ever wanted to swim around your Minecraft underwater base without having to go up to the surface every few seconds, you initially only had one option; Water Breathing potions. But, ever since the conduit was added to the game, you can obtain this effect and many more when scavenging the depths of the sea. To make one, though, you’ll need to get hold of a couple of items, one being the Heart of the Sea. Here’s how to get a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft.

Where Can You Find a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

Finding a Heart Of The Sea

Unlike most items in Minecraft, Hearts of the Sea can’t be crafted. The only way to find these is by looking for them around your new world. Thankfully, these items only spawn in one place; buried treasure chests. 

How to Obtain a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

Knowing that Hearts of the Sea only spawn in buried chests, you’ll need to go on a hunt for one, considering that you actually only need 1 of these to make a conduit. But finding a buried treasure isn’t a simple feat.

For starters, you’ll need to get a hold of a buried treasure map, which can be found in Shipwrecks. Luckily enough, there will always be one inside a Shipwreck, so you’ll only need to scour for one.

Once you have the buried treasure map at hand, you have to find the treasure’s location using it. These are usually close to the Shipwreck, so you just have to row your boat around for a bit until the map starts revealing the area.

When you find the location of the buried treasure, all you have to do is dig it out. But once you open it up, you’ll see the Heart of the Sea inside since every one of these chests has one of them.

How to Use a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

Crafting a Conduit

Now that you’ve obtained a Heart of the Sea, it’s time to get back to the seven seas to find the remaining materials for the conduit crafting recipe. In fact, you’ll need to gather 8 Nautilus Shells, which are notorious for being one of the hardest items to find. I could barely find one after half an hour on my boat trip.

But once you get all the required materials, you’ll be generously rewarded with the powers of the conduit.


And that’s how easy it is to get a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft. These are very common if you’re into sea voyages, like me, since you’ll easily find a Shipwreck lying around. Do you think that Hearts of the Sea should become scarcer? Let us know over on the Minecraft Forum!