How to Make a Cauldron in Minecraft

Holding water and lava in buckets or infinite pools is usually the norm in Minecraft. However, an in-game block that’s been around ever since the first Betas might just be a better way for just that. I’m, of course, talking about the Cauldron, which doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves. Here’s how you can make a Cauldron in Minecraft, as well as how you can use it.

Where Can You Find a Cauldron in Minecraft

Finding a Cauldron inside a Leatherworker’s house

Compared to other job site blocks, a Cauldron can be found in several places. For starters, they naturally generate in every Swamp Hut and Igloo basement, while you can also find some in certain Woodland Mansion rooms. And, Cauldrons can be found in every village that has a Leatherworker.

Since these naturally generate in so many places, I’m sure that you’ll be able to find them somewhere. To be fair, I usually find a few Cauldrons in the first or second village I encounter in new Minecraft worlds.

Alas, as always, crafting one is much faster.

How to Craft a Cauldron in Minecraft

Cauldron Crafting Recipe

To craft a Cauldron in Minecraft, you’ll need to get yourself some iron and follow the recipe shown above. The materials required are just the following:

  • 7 Iron Ingots

Considering that Cauldrons can spawn in many structures in the game, using some precious Iron early on in your new world to craft a Cauldron might not be the best idea. Still, gathering iron ingots isn’t that difficult, so you should be able to grab a few of these on your first underground trip.

How to Use a Cauldron in Minecraft

Filling a Cauldron with Water

Now that you’ve obtained a Cauldron let’s learn how to use it.


The main purpose of a Cauldron is to store different liquids. In the Java Edition of the game, it can only hold water, lava, and powder snow, while the Bedrock Edition adds potions and dyes to the mix.

The great thing about adding water to a Cauldron is that it can extinguish entities that are on fire. On the contrary, mobs can catch fire if they step on a lava-filled Cauldron.

Remove Dyes

If you want to get your leather tunic or your shulker box back to its original colors, a water-filled Cauldron is your best bet. Simply select the item you wish to “undye” and use it on the Cauldron that’s full of water.

Turn a Villager Into a Leatherworker

Just like all other job site blocks, Cauldrons can turn unemployed villagers into Leatherworkers. While these aren’t the most useful in Minecraft, they are one of the few sources of Saddles. Once you level them up to Expert, you can get a fantastic trade of 1 Saddle for 6 Emeralds.


That’s how easy it is to make a Cauldron in Minecraft. Although it’s not an essential item to have in the game, it can help you get your hands on a saddle quickly. What do you think of the Cauldron? Should it be removed or changed? Let us know over on the Minecraft Forum!