How to Make a Fletching Table in Minecraft

When it comes to PvP battles, having a fully enchanted sword and bow will be enough to beat your enemy. While you can always enchant your bow with an enchanting table, you could also get one from a Fletcher. To do this, you’ll need to make a fletching table in Minecraft.

Where Can You Find a Fletching Table in Minecraft

Finding a Fletching Table in a desert village

Fletching tables can spawn naturally in Minecraft villages. You’ll find these inside the Fletcher’s house, which is different depending on the biome you’re in. However, they aren’t as common as brewing stands and cartography tables.

So, instead of spending tons of time trying to find a village with a fletcher, you should make a fletching table.

How to Craft a Fletching Table in Minecraft

Fletching Table Recipe

If you’re finding it challenging to locate a village with a Fletcher, you can use the recipe above to craft a fletching table. The only materials you’ll need are:

  • 2 Pieces of Flint
  • 4 Wood Planks

You don’t have to use a specific type of plank since the fletching table’s texture remains the same. The easiest way to get Flint is by mining Gravel blocks, which have a 10% chance of dropping one piece of Flint.

Now that you have your very own fletching table, here’s what you can do with it.

How to Use a Fletching Table in Minecraft

Unfortunately, the fletching table in Minecraft is one of the few job site blocks you can’t interact with. Unlike grindstones, the fletching table’s sole purpose is to turn a villager into a Fletcher.

That said, Fletchers provide a few good deals once you level them up, like enchanted bows or crossbows. Plus, if you have many emeralds and a lot of gravel, you can trade each block for Flint (up to almost 2 stacks). Once the Fletcher reaches the maximum level, you can also get tipped arrows easier, without crafting potions.


This is how simple it is to make a fletching table in Minecraft. While this block lacks purpose in current versions of the game (apart from turning villagers into Fletchers), we could see a revamp to it in future updates. To keep up to date with any changes to the fletching table, stay tuned over on the Minecraft Forum!