How to Make a Cartography Table in Minecraft

Getting lost in the beauty of your never-ending Minecraft world is all the game is about. But what happens when you want to map out the area above your underground base, even though it’s huge? That’s where a cartography table will come in handy. Here’s how to make a cartography table in Minecraft.

Where Can You Find a Cartography Table in Minecraft

Finding a Cartography Table inside a Cartographer’s house

Instead of figuring out the recipe for a cartography table, you can find a naturally generated one. These only appear in villages, specifically inside a cartographer’s house.

That said, finding a village can be a challenge in itself, let alone one that has a cartographer. 

How to Craft a Cartography Table in Minecraft

Cartography Table Recipe

If you can’t locate a village with a cartographer, you can craft a cartography table using the recipe above. All you’ll need is:

  • 4 Wood Planks
  • 2 Pieces of Paper

You can choose any type of planks you want, and you can easily get paper by finding sugar canes or looting shipwrecks.

Now that you’ve made a cartography table, you might wonder what to do with it.

How to Use a Cartography Table in Minecraft

With a cartography table, you can zoom out, duplicate, and lock maps. But, one of its primary functions is turning a villager into a cartographer. As you trade with them, you’ll be able to acquire special maps which point out nearby ocean monuments and woodland mansions.

Trading with a cartographer can be timely, though. And it’ll cost you a lot of emeralds. So, here’s everything else you can do with a cartography table in Minecraft.

Zoom Out Maps

Zooming out a Map

The best feature of cartography tables is that they allow you to zoom out a map and, thus, map out a larger area. While this can be done using a crafting table, you’ll only need 1 Paper when using a cartography table.

There are 5 zoom levels (0-4) in total, each covering an area 4 times larger than the previous level.

Lock Maps

Locking a Map

While any changes you make to the landscape you’ve mapped out will show up on your map, you can prevent this by locking it. To do this, you’ll just need 1 Glass Pane and your desired map.

Clone Maps

Cloning a Map

One of the greatest features of cartography tables is that they allow you to clone maps. This might not sound useful in singleplayer, but it’s great when you’re playing with friends since you can all have the same map. Plus, when filling out parts of one of them, the other changes accordingly.

All you’ll need to clone a map is an empty and drawn one, as shown above. Keep in mind that once you make any changes to either map (like zooming it out or locking it), they become independent of each other.


That’s how easy it is to make a cartography table in Minecraft. And while most players don’t use maps that much anymore, having a huge wall map room is always beautiful. Be sure to send over your map rooms on the Minecraft Forum!