How to Get Paper in Minecraft 2022

Paper has been an integral part of Minecraft ever since the Alpha days. Apart from crafting recipes it’s used in, obtaining it hasn’t changed much. So, here’s how to get paper in Minecraft in 2022.

How to Craft Paper in Minecraft

Paper Recipe

Paper can be crafted or obtained through chests found in Shipwrecks, Strongholds, and Villages. Thankfully, crafting paper is much safer than going out on a pillaging adventure.

The crafting recipe for paper requires 3 pieces of Sugar Cane. You’ll also get 3 pieces of paper instead of 1 when using this recipe, so it’s totally worth it. You can even make a quick Sugar Cane farm once you find a few.

What Can You Craft With Paper in Minecraft

Even though getting paper is easy, the items you can craft with it can help you immensely in all aspects of Minecraft.


Whether you’re making exploding fireworks for New Year’s, or a stack of non-exploding ones to travel with your Elytra, you’ll only need 1 piece of paper to make 1 firework. You can also add certain firework stars to the recipe to make your fireworks unique and vibrant.


While they’re not used as much nowadays, having a huge map room in your base is always a breathtaking site. To craft a map in Minecraft, you’ll need 9 pieces of paper. You can also add a compass in the middle slot to make a map that fills up as you move (similar to a treasure map).


Book Recipe

Crafting books is the best use for paper in Minecraft. Books can be used to make bookshelves and enchanting tables and can also be turned into enchanted books. To craft a book in Minecraft, you’ll require 3 pieces of paper and one piece of leather.

Cartography Table

Cartography Table Recipe

A cartography table can be used to edit maps to your liking, like locking, zooming them out, or cloning them. Once you place it inside a village, any villager without a profession can become a cartographer, allowing you to trade with them. To make one, you’ll only need 2 pieces of paper and 4 wooden planks.

Banner Patterns

The four unique banner patterns

If you’ve ever built a castle in Minecraft, you’ll have probably filled it with banners. There are countless batten patterns that you create using the loom, and each one requires just 1 piece of paper, along with a specific item for different shapes:

  • A golden apple for the old Mojang logo
  • A Wither skeleton skull for a skulls and bones logo
  • A daisy for a flower pattern
  • A Creeper head for a Creeper face


So, that’s how you can get paper in Minecraft in 2022. Are you ready to make a gigantic Sugar Cane farm? How about making a tribute to Mojang by filling your base with Mojang banners? I’d love to see all your builds over on the Minecraft Forum!