How to Make a Banner in Minecraft

Banners are a super customizable decorative item you can get in Minecraft. You can either find a naturally spawned banner, or you can craft one yourself. Here’s how to do both!

Crafting a Banner

When crafting a banner, you can craft different colors. A regular white banner would only need normal wool, but a banner of any other color would need dyed wool.

Crafting recipe for a white banner.
Crafting recipe for a pink banner.

Finding a Banner

Some structures will spawn with banners inside of them. These banners already have their own unique designs. Some places you may find banners are:

  • Woodland Mansions
  • End Cities
  • Pillager Outposts
  • Savannah Villages

Trading a Banner

If you happen to stumble across an expert-level cartographer villager, they might offer you a banner for three emeralds!

Cartographer villager.

Designing your Banner

To add designs to your banner, you will need to craft a loom.

Loom block in Minecraft.

Once you have your loom, you will see three different slots when you right click on it. One for your banner, dye, and banner pattern, which is optional. 

When you put your banner and dye into it, you will see all of the available patterns you can put on your banner!

Banner designs without adding a banner pattern.

You can click on which design you’d like, and an example of it shows in the top right corner.

Banner designs while adding a banner pattern.

When using a banner pattern, it will show the pattern in the top right hand corner. For this example, I used a globe pattern.