How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Smooth stone is a very useful block in Minecraft, but it is a bit harder to obtain than most blocks. You see smooth stone everywhere, it’s the block that is below dirt and fills up most caves. But when you mine it, it turns into cobblestone. Here’s how to turn it back into smooth stone!

Smelting Smooth Stone

First, you will need to collect cobblestone, which you can do by mining smooth stone with a pickaxe of your choice.

An example of what smooth stone looks like.

Then, you will put the cobblestone into a furnace along with something to burn. This can be either coal, charcoal, or something made out of wood. Check out this article if you need further help smelting!

Cobblestone smelting into smooth stone in a furnace.

Once you finish smelting your cobblestone, you will have smooth stone!

Mining Smooth Stone

It is possible to mine smooth stone instead of smelting it, but you will need a pickaxe with the silk-touch enchantment on it!