How to Make a Note Block in Minecraft

I think it’s safe to say that most aspiring musicians who happen to play Minecraft have created several melodies using Note Blocks. Being added a year after Jukeboxes to the game, Note Blocks are incredible in the hands of music-savvy players. 

And, while I’m far from that, I understand how versatile these can be. So, today, we’ll look at how to make a Note Block in Minecraft, as well as how you can use it to produce different notes.

Where Can You Find a Note Block in Minecraft

Finding 2 Note Blocks

Note Blocks were originally craftable items that didn’t naturally spawn. However, the addition of Ancient Cities changed that, as Note Blocks will generate there. Still, I get that most players wouldn’t want to loot an Ancient City just for these blocks. So, a better way to obtain these is with their good ol’ crafting recipe.

How to Craft a Note Block in Minecraft

Note Block Crafting Recipe

To craft a Note Block in Minecraft, you’ll need to just use the crafting recipe shown above, which only requires the following items:

  • 8 Wooden Planks
  • 1 Redstone Dust

Both of these can be found easily, though Redstone Dust might take you some time to locate, especially if you don’t like mining in the depths of your Minecraft world. But, considering that you’ll need a couple of dozen Note Blocks to create some bangers, you’ll also have to stock up on Redstone Dust.

How to Use a Note Block in Minecraft

If you’ve gathered all the Note Blocks you require, it’s time to get them to work. Again, as I stated above, I’m the furthest person from a musician, but I’ll try my best to explain how these work.

So, for starters, when you place a Note Block down, you just have to hit it for it to produce a note. If you right-click on it, the note pitch will go up a semitone. In layman’s terms, when you use the placed Note Block, it’ll produce a higher-pitched sound.

That seems simple enough, right? Well, I’ve only covered half of how Note Blocks work. You see, depending on where you place the block and what you put over it, it’ll mimic a different instrument (or sound).

For example, placing one over a Block of Gold will make it play the Bells instrument. And, if you put any mob head on top of it, it’ll produce that mob’s sound. For instance, if you place a Zombie Head on top of a Note Block, once you hit it, it’ll imitate the sound of a Zombie that’s near your base.


And that’s how easy it is to make a Note Block in Minecraft. What’s certainly not easy is creating a melody. But, I think that we can only appreciate the fact that these exist in the game, helping many aspiring musicians make their first songs. Have you created any cool melodies in Minecraft using Note Blocks? Let us know over on the Minecraft Forum!