How to Make a Boat in Minecraft

One of the essentials every Minecraft player has to craft from the get-go is a Boat, in my opinion. Then again, I tend to use my Boat to go on voyages with my cords reaching the thousands within an hour of creating a new world. But, with so many things to see in Minecraft’s Seven Seas, a Boat is a must. So, today, we’ll look at how to make a Boat in Minecraft, as well as how you can use it.

Where Can You Find a Boat in Minecraft

Boats in Minecraft are one of the few items that don’t naturally generate anywhere. While it would have been nice to see these near villages or in big ponds or even in some Shipwreck chests, that’s not the case.

So, if you want to get a hold of one, you’ll have to craft it. Thankfully, that’s pretty easy to do.

How to Craft a Boat in Minecraft

Boat Crafting Recipe

To craft a Boat in Minecraft, simply follow the crafting recipe shown above. Most of you might know how to do so, as this is one of the essential recipes every Minecraft player should know. Plus, it only requires the following:

  • 5 Wooden Planks

With the 1.20 Update, a new Boat was added to the game in the form of Rafts. These have the exact same recipe but can only be crafted using Bamboo Planks. 

Raft Crafting Recipe

How to Use a Boat in Minecraft

Using a Boat is simple; all you have to do is select it and right-click on water (or ice) to place it. Then, simply row away until you find your first Shipwreck or Ocean Monument. 

Obviously, with Boats being in the game for such a long time, they have a few other uses as well.

Trading with a Fisherman

If you have traded enough with a Fisherman so that they become a Master, they’ll exchange a Boat for an Emerald, which is one of the best trades you can get. Essentially, you’re trading wood for emeralds.

Transporting Mobs

Every boat has two seats, one of which can be occupied by another player or any mob. This is useful if you want to transport specific mobs (like Mooshrooms) to your base. Also, I’ve found that utilizing boats while looting Ancient Cities is an excellent defense against Wardens. Plus, it’s a fun way to troll them.

Crafting a Boat with Chest

Raft with a Chest Crafting Recipe

Boats (or Rafts) with Chests are an excellent way to have a mobile inventory early on in the game. Sure, Shulker Boxes will be much better later on, but this is a much simpler way to get a similar function.


And that’s how easy it is to make a Boat in Minecraft. Boats have been around forever in the game, and everyone should know how to craft one, considering that it doesn’t need any rare materials. What are your thoughts on the new Rafts added to Minecraft? Let us know over on the Minecraft Forum!