How to Make an End Crystal in Minecraft

I believe that we all remember the first time we beat the Ender Dragon. With Minecraft being around for so many years, this once incredible feat seems to be very easy in this day and age, hence why many players want to do it over and over again. Even though this wasn’t originally possible, an update added the ability to obtain End Crystals, which can be used to respawn the dragon. So, here’s a guide on how to make an End Crystal in Minecraft, as well as how to use it!

Where Can You Find an End Crystal in Minecraft

Finding an End Crystal

End Crystals naturally generate on top of each obsidian pillar in the End’s central island. Once they touch any item you throw (yes, that includes snowballs) or you attack them (using your sword or arrows), they’ll explode. In turn, you can’t actually obtain these from the End.

Instead, you’ll have to craft them using their good ol’ crafting recipe.

How to Craft an End Crystal in Minecraft

End Crystal Crafting Recipe

To craft an End Crystal in Minecraft, you can follow the recipe shown above. Crafting an End Crystal requires the following materials:

  • 7 Glass Blocks
  • 1 Eye of Ender
  • 1 Ghast Tear

I know what you’re thinking. This is indeed a complicated recipe, and you’ll have to spend some time gathering all the items needed. And, yes, you’ll need to be in the Nether for most of this. You’ll not only have to get some Blaze Powder from killing Blazes, but you’ll also have to defeat a Ghast for its tear.

How to Use an End Crystal in Minecraft

If you’ve managed to obtain all the required items for the End Crystal’s crafting recipe, you should have one at hand by now. So, let’s see how these are used, shall we?

For starters, End Crystals were made to heal the Ender Dragon. Once she approaches one of these, a beam will appear, and her health will start increasing at a rate of a heart per second. But veteran online PVPers will tell you that End Crystals have a much better purpose.

You see, their explosion does as much damage as a Charged Creepers explosion. So, these have been used as attack items for a pretty long time, especially in anarchy servers.

Alas, one of the main uses of End Crystals that most Minecraft players actually utilize is that they can respawn the Ender Dragon. To do so, you must visit the central End island and place one of these at each end of the exit portal (4 in total). Then, get some cover or use your shield so that you don’t get any damage from the explosion, and get ready to fight the Ender Dragon again.


And that’s how you can make an End Crystal in Minecraft. I’ll admit that crafting one is pretty hard, let alone making the four that are required to re-summon the Ender Dragon. How many times have you defeated the dragon in a single Minecraft world? Let us know over on the Minecraft Forum!