How to Fix Account Error -9 in Minecraft

Account Error -9 is an issue a lot of Minecraft Bedrock players are experiencing across the many different Bedrock platforms. Account Error -9 is a pop up message that will display when trying to launch Minecraft.

The Account Error -9 pop-up message.

What Causes Account Error -9?

Depending on which Minecraft version you are on, Account Error -9 could mean different things. Since version 1.14.20, Account Error -9 will display whenever you have internet connectivity issues.

On PS4, Account Error -9 will sometimes appear when players are using Remote Play.

Solutions to Account Error -9

  • Fully shut down Minecraft, ensure you are connected to the internet, then restart Minecraft. Restarting your router may also help.
  • If you are on PS4, do not use Remote Play.
  • Sign out of all Minecraft or XBox Live accounts on other devices. Only stay signed in on your current device.
  • Change your password on your Minecraft or XBox live accounts. 
  • Disable automatic updates for resource packs.