How to Fix the Could Not Create the Java Virtual Machine Error in Minecraft

The “Could Not Create the Java Virtual Machine” error in Minecraft is common, and it is not related to a problem with Minecraft, but Java itself. This error typically only happens on Windows computers.

Minecraft was coded in Java, and you need Java downloaded to run the game. When this error pops up upon launching the game, it means something is wrong with your Java download. 

Usually, this pop-up error occurs when Java does not use enough Megabytes for memory. To solve this issue, you will need to increase the memory size for Java.

Pop-up message that shows for this error.

Solutions to this Error

  • Press Windows and Pause to open the System Control Panel.
  • Click on “Advanced System Settings” which should be on the left.
  • Click “Environmental Variables Here.”
  • Select “New” under “System Variables.”
  • Enter “_JAVA_OPTIONS” as the variable name.
  • Enter “-Xmx256M” as the variable value. 
  • Click “Ok” twice.

These steps will increase your memory size for Java, which should allow Minecraft to run properly!