How to Build an Iron Golem in Minecraft

Picture this. You come across a village with every profession in the game. But, before you know it, the entire area gets ransacked by zombies, creepers, and skeletons. Plus, you’re simultaneously dealing with a raid. Who can help you? No mob is better for this job than the Iron Golem. Here’s how to build an Iron Golem in Minecraft.

What Is an Iron Golem in Minecraft

Iron Golems are the friendliest giants in the whole of Minecraft. They were added to the game back in 2012, along with ocelots and tameable cats, among other additions. These tall fellas will attack most hostile mobs (apart from creepers) upon noticing them. And considering that they have a 50-heart health bar, they can take quite the beating.

Where Can You Find an Iron Golem in Minecraft

Iron Golems will naturally spawn in villages and Pillager Outposts (just like allays). If you find one in a village, it’ll roam within the premises without wandering off. Funnily enough, despite being a fearsome mob, Iron Golems will offer poppy flowers to villagers.

If you stumble upon one at a Pillager Outpost, you can break its cage to free it and use it as a bodyguard (by using a lead on it). Or, you can just let it take care of the attacking Pillagers.

But, if you prefer mining to exploring, you should opt for making an Iron Golem rather than finding one.

How to Make an Iron Golem in Minecraft

Making an Iron Golem

To make an Iron Golem in Minecraft, take a look at the screenshot above. You’ll need to form a T-shape (similar to summoning a Wither) using the following blocks:

  • 4 Blocks of Iron
  • 1 Carved Pumpkin

To get these, you’ll need to spend some time mining. 4 Blocks of Iron are equal to 36 Iron Ingots, which you can get by smelting Raw Iron. You’ll also require a couple more to make a pair of shears so that you can obtain a Carved Pumpkin.

How to Use an Iron Golem in Minecraft

So, once you’ve got your Iron Golem bodyguard, it’s time to let it help you out. Like Snow Golems, this giant will wander off and get lost if you don’t keep an eye out.

Base Defense

An Iron Golem Protecting a Village

Supposing that you have a big living area that you’ve surrounded with fences, you can let the Iron Golem do its work inside. Whatever mobs approach or spawn within your premises will be attacked by your Iron Golems. And you can also get a few cats inside to scare off creepers.

Iron Farms

A Damaged Iron Golem

Look, there’s no doubt that Iron Golems are a great source of iron if you build an automatic farm. It’s pretty sad that you’ll have to say goodbye to them, but a few stacks of iron per hour doesn’t sound bad.

To get an iron farm going, you’ll need to get a hold of villagers and a zombie and make hoppers. Add a few mud bricks to make it a bit more stylish. If you need any help with making an iron farm, check out this thread.


Building an Iron Golem will take you some time, considering that you need to get more than half a stack of iron. But I think that it’s worth it for that extra protection. What does your Iron Golem base defense look like? We’d love to see it over on the Minecraft Forum!