How to Fix Minecraft Error 502 & 500

It’s always disturbing when you hop on Minecraft to play with some friends, only to be faced with a series of errors. Let’s see how you can fix the Minecraft errors 502 (or 500 on Realms).

What Kind of Errors Are 502 and 500?

Like the error, the 502 and 500 are often connection errors. Both of these mean that you can’t connect to Minecraft’s servers, with the latter being found on Minecraft Realms.

Internal Server Error 500

Internal Server Error 500

What Is the Solution to These Errors?

While there are several advanced solutions for each of the errors, here are some simple ones that should fix errors 502 and 500 most of the time:

  • Restart the game.
  • Restart your device.
  • Power cycle your router; shut it down for a minute, then turn it back on.

If none of these worked, there’s a chance that the servers are down. To find out if that’s the case, check out Mojang’s server status on Twitter.

Still facing this issue, even though the servers are up? Well, you’ll have to look into more advanced solutions for each error.

How to Fix Minecraft Error 502

To fix Minecraft error 502, you’ll need to ensure that your PC’s drivers and the game are up-to-date.

Update Minecraft

No matter your device, you can check out how to update Minecraft here. But, this will rarely be the issue since Minecraft is automatically updated on every device.

Update Your Drivers

You’ll need to update your drivers often for Minecraft to function correctly. While we’ve explained this process before, essentially, you’ll need to:

  • Determine what graphics card you have.
  • Download and install the drivers from the manufacturer’s official website.

Check Your Device for Viruses

Even though this is very rare, some malicious files on your PC could prevent you from connecting to Minecraft servers. So, run a virus check with your antivirus to ensure your device is clean.

How to Fix Minecraft Error 500

Unlike error 502, this only appears when you attempt to join a server in Realms. If you follow the solutions mentioned above and the problem persists, you’ll have to contact your ISP to fix Minecraft error 500.


Hopefully, this solution helped you fix Minecraft errors 502 and 500. If that’s not the case, you should try reinstalling the game or contacting Mojang’s support. Or, you could check out the Minecraft Forum for some more information.